SAIG Information

By enrolling your organization in SAIG, you will be able to exchange information electronically with the U.S. Department of Education. Many student financial aid services can be accessed via the SAIG. You must determine which services are needed by your school or organization and enroll appropriate individuals as destination point administrators (DPAs) for the specific services that you want them to access. When you enroll a new DPA, a destination will be established with an assigned "TG" number that identifies the DPA's destination point on the SAIG.

Only one destination point can be established to exchange each type of data available through the FAFSA Services, except initial application data which can be submitted by two destination points. Similarly, only one destination point each can be established for campus based report program data and Federal Perkins Loan batch data. Destination points that include access to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) data can be used for other services, however only the DPA for that destination point can use that destination point to access NSLDS online.

You may enroll destination point administrators with their own destination points (mailboxes) for each service or function, or you may combine services and functions through a single destination point administrator (DPA) with a single destination point (DP). Where permitted, the DPA will determine the SAIG users allowed access to that destination point. The DPA must enforce the security requirements as outlined in the Federal Student Aid User Of Electronic Services Statement including the completion and maintenance of this statement(s). Your President/CEO or Designee must certify that each DPA has developed secure procedures in compliance with the security requirements for permitting other people to use his/her destination point. The DPA must also complete a profile for each SAIG user within the EDconnect software used to connect to SAIG.