What You Need to Enroll

You will need the following information to enroll and make changes to your current status on the SAIG web site:

  • Currently enrolled organizations will need their existing TG number(s) of current destination point(s) or contacts.

  • Postsecondary institutions will need their OPE-ID number. If your school participates in the Grant Services Programs and/or Direct Loan Program, you will also need the institution's Federal School Code and/or Direct Loan Program numbers. To find these numbers, look at the reports your school has submitted for these programs in the past, your Eligibility and Certification Report (ECAR), and your institution's Program Participation Agreement (PPA).

  • Guaranty agencies will need their Guaranty Agency (GA) code assigned by ED. A list of active and inactive GA codes is contained in the instructions for the Guaranty Agency Financial Report - Form 2000.

  • Federal Loan Servicers will need their Title IV Servicers (TIVAS) Code or their Not for Profit (NFP) code assigned by ED.

  • Lenders will need their Lender ID Number assigned by ED. Participating lenders will find their Lender ID Numbers on the Lender Application Process or LaRS forms accessible via https://fp.ed.gov.

  • FSA External Partners will need their FSA EP ID assigned by ED.

  • All individuals completing this form will need the name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, and mother's maiden name for each destination point administrator, current and new.